Baltimore Presentations:


Put together a three to five minute presentation (in Google Slides) on a topic associated with the History of Baltimore in the late 19th and 20th Centuries. 

  • You can choose a to from the list below, or you can devise a topic of your own. 
  • You can collaborate with a classmate if you wish.
  • Include a short introductory video to your presentation either from the internet or one that you have recorded yourself.
  • Include relevant pictures, maps or other graphics that you can use to illustrate your presentation.
  • Include links to internet articles and sites which your classmates can visit if they want to learn more about your topic.
  • Include an interview with someone that you record in video with your cell phone, edit, and then upload to YouTube so that it can be inserted into your presentation.
  • Create a Works Cited Page..

1. Interviews with older Gilman/ BMS/ RPCS Staff who are lifelong Baltimoreans.

  • Chat with an older Gilman, BMS or RPCS faculty or staff member about their lives, where they grew up, and the changes they have seen take place in Baltimore over the years.

2. Baltimore on Film:

  • Barry Levinsonís late 50ís Baltimore: Diner, Tin Men or Avalon
  • John Watersí early 60ís Baltimore: Hairspray: the movie, the Broadway musical, the movie of the musical
  • Anne Tylerís 1980ís Baltimore: A Tour of Anne Tyler's Baltimore The Accidental Tourist
  • David Simonís Contemporary Baltimore: Bowden, "The Angriest Man In Television" (2008) The Atlantic; T.V. Series:  Homicide: Life on the Streets (1993-99), The Corner (2000), or The Wire (2002-08)
3. My Neighborhood's History

4. Baltimore History on the Web:

4. The Baltimore Book Topics:

(The Baltimore Book: New Views of Local History (1991) Elizabeth Fee, Linda Shopes, Linda Zeidman Temple University Press, Philadelphia PA)

5. Out of the Blocks
  • Listen to and report on one of the podcasts created by Aaron Henkin for his WYPR series on Baltimore neighborhoods, Out of the Blocks.

6. Baltimore Writers:

  • Research and provide an overview of the career of one of the following Baltimore writers:

6.  More Interviews:

  • Visit "Our Daily Bread", a Baltimore soup kitchen sponsored by Catholic Charities 
  • Visit "The Women's Industrial Exchange", a turn of the century luncheonette ; 
  • Visit "The Engineer's Club", John Work Garrett's mansion on Mt. Vernon Square; 
  • Visit "Evergreen House", John Work Garrett's mansion on Charles Street. (Garrett was the owner of the B & O railroad.)
  • Visit and Report on one of the following Historic Sites in and around Baltimore
    • Fort McHenry
    • B & O Railroad Museum
    • Baltimore Museum of Industry
    • Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum
    • Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption
    • Star Spangled Flag House
    • Washington Monument
    • Great Blacks in Wax Museum
    • USS Constellation
    • Presidents Street Station
    • Emerson Bromo Seltzer Tower
    • Westminster Buying Grounds
    • Greenmount Cemetery
    • Phoenix Shot Tower
    • Carroll Mansion (Baltimore)
    • Streetcar Museum
    • Homewood Museum
    • Bab Ruth Birthplace and Museum
    • Hampton Mansion National Historic Site
    • Jewish Museum of Maryland (Lloyd Street Synagogue)
    • Geppiís Entertainment Museum
    • Baltimore Museum of Art
    • Walterís Art Gallery
    • Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African- American History
    • Mount Clare Museum House
    • Thomas Stone National Historic Site
    • Sotterly Plantation National Historic Landmark
    • Antietam National Battlefield
    • Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park
    • Chesapeake Bay Maritime History Museum (St. Michaels)
    • Paca House and Garden (closed Jan. and Feb.)
    • Chesapeake Bay Bridge
    • Ladew Gardens
    • Monocacy National Battlefield
    •  Historic Jerusalem Mill Village
    • National Cryptologic Museum
    • National Museum of Civil war Medicine
    • Eubie Blake Cultural Center
    • The Music Hall, formerly the Lyric Opera House, now the Modell Performing Arts Center
    • St. Maryís City (first settlement in MD)
    • Fort Frederick 
    • Air and Space Museum
    • The Frederick Douglass National Historic Site
    • Maryland State House (Annapolis)
    • Harriet Tubman Museum and Educational Center
    • H.L. Mencken House
    • Maryland Historical Society