Living Newspaper Project

For this assignment you will write a skit in the manner of the Living Newspapers pioneered by the Federal Theatre Project during the Great Depression.

Directions: Choose a partner and then choose one of the following controversial stories from today's news. Read the news story carefully. Imagine the key moment in the story and dramatize it. Write a skit whose action argues for a particular political response to the issue. If you wish, present your skit in Powerpoint format so that you can include news clips, photos and sound effects. If you are really ambitious, you can even perform your skit for the class!


New Jersey Tests High School Athletes for Steroids: New Jersey plans to test student athletes for steroids, an idea supported by many students, but opposed by privacy rights advocates. 01.04.06

Teen Hurricane Survivors Tell Their Stories: After escaping their flooded homes in Louisiana, two New Orleans teens describe their experiences and share their hopes for the future. 09.12.05

Bird Flu Spreads from Asia to Eastern Europe: Health officials fear a deadly strain of bird flu that has infected humans in Asia could spread to the rest of the world, infecting millions. 10.12.05

Teen Gambling Addiction on the Rise: With more teens gambling, according to a new study, experts warn of an increase in addiction, health and legal problems. 04.25.05

Young People Carrying Larger Debts: As young adult credit card and student loan debt mounts, experts and educators push for mandatory financial education in high school. 05.25.05

Abstinence-Only Education Under Attack: A new report that claims abstinence-only education uses misleading information heats up the debate over what to teach about sex. 12.13.04

Teens Find Friends and Strangers Online: As online communities such as MySpace and Xanga grow rapidly, teens face big decisions about both their social lives and their safety. 2.13.06

Iraq's Future Unclear 3 Years After Invasion: On the third anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration faces increasing criticism, even from the Republican Party. 3.20.06

Muhammad Cartoons Spark Violent Protests: Political cartoons of the prophet Muhammad published in European papers have sparked violent protests from Muslims around the world. 2.15.06

French Riots Reveal Racial, Class Tensions: Violent riots by disillusioned suburban youth in France have highlighted racial and class inequalities in French society. 11.09.05

Survivors Await Aid in Himalaya Mountains: Relief agencies are in a race against time to get food and shelter to earthquake survivors trapped in the Himalayan Mountains before winter. 10.24.05

Judge Rules Against 'Intelligent Design': "Intelligent design" cannot be taught in public schools, ruled a federal judge who called the theory "a mere re-labeling of creationism." 12.21.05

Stem Cell Research Bill Sparks Debate: Proponents of a new bill funding stem cell research say that it could help cure diseases, but President Bush says it destroys innocent life. 05.27.05

Coal Mining Under Scrutiny After Tragedies: Recent accidents in West Virginia have raised questions about coal mining safety and the industry's role in the 21st century economy. 01.25.06

Chinese Clothing Floods U.S. Stores: Changes in trade rules have allowed a surge of clothing from China, sparking debate among textile, retail and government officials. 04.11.05

South Dakota Passes Strict Abortion Law: The governor of South Dakota signed a far-reaching anti-abortion law this week, intentionally defying the Supreme Court's record on the issue. 03.08.06

FBI Targets Street Gangs in U.S. Cities: The FBI has formed a national task force aimed at dismantling street gangs and has focused attention on the MS-13 gang. 10.05.05


Power (1938) by Arthur Arendt, a Living Newspaper from The Federal Theatre Project
Triple A Plowed Under (1936), a Living Newspaper Project