"The Visible and Invisible Worlds of Salem", pp. 22-46 from After the Fact, vol. I

1. Bewitchment at Salem Village, 1692 (23-27)
narrative of events

2. The Invisible Salem (27-34)

1. 17th c. Beliefs about Witchcraft

2. Thomas Hutchinson's 1750 History of New England: "Shamming"

3. Modern Theories about "conversion hysteria"

3. The Visible Salem (34-41)

1. Why were the accused singled out?

2. Evidence from church records, tax records and land transactions

3. Salem Town vs. Salem Village

Is it possible that the accusers really beleived that their new neighbors were witches?

4. "Women Alone" (41-44)

1. Perspectives of Feminist Historians

2. Unequal Accusations re. Gender

3. The Single Woman in Puritan Culture