European Humanities

November 27, 2009



Art History Quiz:

Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance





a.       Choose three images to write about

b.      Look at the image.

c.       Answer the study question.





1. What features of the architecture of this cathedral identifies it as Late Romanesque?  


2. Analyze the imagery in this portion of the Last Judgment portal tympanum at Saint Foy. What makes this imagery typical of Late Romanesque sculpture?





3. Explain how contemplation of the stained glass imagery in High Gothic cathedrals expresses a new interpretation of the scripture. (At the center of this mandala is the Virgin Mary.)





4. What makes this painting by Giotto a quintessential early Renaissance art work?





5. How did the creation of oil paint dovetail with a new vision of human nature during the Early Renaissance?






6. What moral message does Heronymus Bosch express in the hallucinatory imagery of The Garden Of Earthly Delights?





tributo_map.jpg (23593 bytes)

7. How does perspective serve the thematic purposes of Early Renaissance artists like Massacio?







8. What Renaissance values are expressed in this famous image from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Fresco?




9. Why is this painting the most famous in Art History? What vision of human nature

does it express?





10. What conception of human nature does Raphael share with us in his painting of the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus?