Shakespeare Backgrounds Quiz
  1. Where did Shakespeare grow up?
  2. How old was he when he married Anne Hathaway?
  3. When did Shakespeare arrive in the London theatre world?
  4. What percentage of the profits did Shakespeare earn from the ticket sales of performances of his company?
  5. Why do some scholars doubt that Shakespeare wrote the plays?
  6. Define blank verse. Why did Shakespeare choose to write in this particular verse form?
  7. How close was the audience to the stage at the Globe?
  8. From which social class did the audiences for his plays come?
  9. Why were the theatres closed in the summer?
  10. What kind of scenery would have been used in the performances of Shakespeare’s plays?


Extra Credit #I: How old was Anne Hathaway when she married Shakespeare?


Extra Credit #2: How much was the price of admission to Shakespeare's plays?


Extra Credit #3: Who closed the theatres and outlawed Christmas, too?