Acting Scenes from Othello

Act One scene 1           The beast with two backs (2)

Act One scene 3           Most potent, grave and reverend signiors (12)

Act One scene 3           Put money in thy purse (18)

Act Two scene 1          ‘Tis here but yet confused (27)

Act Three scene 2        My reputation, Iago, my reputation! (38)

Act Three scene 3        The handkerchief, part one (43)

Act Three scene 3        The handkerchief, part two (47)

Act Three scene 3        The handkerchief, part three (52)

Act Three scene 3        The handkerchief, part four (56)

Act Three scene 4        That handkerchief did an Egyptian to my mother give (63)

Act Four scene 1          The Trance (69)

Act Four scene 1          I see that nose of yours, but not that dog I shall throw it to. (72)

Act Four scene 2          Goats and monkeys!  (78)

Act Four scene 2          O Desdemona! away! away! away! (82)

Act Four scene 2          The Moor's abused by some most villanous knave, (86)

Act Four scene 2          The Plot Against Cassio (89)

Act Four scene 2          My mother had a maid call'd Barbary (93)

Act Five scene 1           O damn'd Iago! O inhuman dog! (97)

Act Five scene 2           It is the cause my soul; it is the cause (104)

Act Five scene 2           V ii Part two (111)



Act One scene 3 Iago                 I have't. It is engender'd.
Act Two scene 2  Iago                 That Cassio loves her
Act Three scene 2 Othello             Four from the Temptation scenes
Act Five scene 2 Othello             O Desdemona! Desdemona! dead!
Act Five scene 2  Othello             Soft, you a word or two before you go…