Sophie's World

"The Garden of Eden" (pp. 1-9)

  1. Describe the circumstances of Sophie's life: family? friends?
  2. What does Sophie think of her looks? (5-6)
  3. What essential aspects of our identity are beyond our control?
  4. Where does she go when she wants to be alone? (8)
  5. Why does this smart kid dislike school so much? (12)
  6. How might this strange course in philosophy help her?


How does Sophie begin to answer "The Three Questions"?

  1. Who are you? (6-7) (What does it mean to be a living human being? What is the mysterious philosopher's answer? (14))
  2. Where does the world come from? (9;15)
  3. Who is Hilde Moller Knag? (10)

"The Top Hat" (pp. 10-20)

Philosophical Questions:

  1. How was the world created?
  2. Is there a plan to the universe?
  3. Is there life after death?
  4. How can we answer these questions?
  5. How ought we to live?

What is the key trait that you need to become a philosopher? (17)
How does habit threaten this trait? (18)
How does Sophie’s strange friend describe the way that our conception of the world changes as we grow up?