European Humanities
Mr. Spragins
Fall 2007

Summer Reading Speeches

Write a two-paragraph speech in which you review one of the books that you were responsible for reading last summer: 1984 or one of the three voluntary choices. (Be ready to turn in the text of your speech in word processed form.)

In your first paragraph describe what the writer was attempting to accomplish in his or her novel.

  • What was the writer's purpose? 
  • How was it achieved? Be specific. 
  • Cite examples from the text to support your argument. 
  • Include a quote from your favorite passage in the book. 

In your second paragraph describe the degree to which the writer succeeded in accomplishing his or her goal.

  • Don't simply recount the plot. Analyze the writer's goal.
  • Remember that you will be giving a speech. 
  • Don't just stand up and read your review.
  • Deliver it to your audience.

Public Speaking Tips
Speech Evaluation Form