Quiz on Backgrounds to Greek Tragedy

European Humanities
October 7, 2008 
Mr. Spragins

  1. What is a dithyramb? What does the word literally mean?
  2. What two groups composed the thiasus?
  3. What does the word tragedy literally mean?
  4. At what time of the year were the Dionysian Festivals held?
  5. Why did no priests lead ceremonies of the religion of Dionysos?
  6. What innovation in the performance of the dithyramb enabled the rapid development of the art form of tragedy? Who was responsible for this innovation?
  7. What do we call the moment in a Greek tragedy when blood is finally spilled?
  8. What is the story of Aeschylusí trilogy of tragedies: The Oresteia?
  9. What was the situation in Athens when Sophocles wrote Oedipus Rex?
  10. How many actors performed in Oedipus Rex?

Extra Credit: 

Identify the following special effects:

a.                   deus ex machina

b.                   eccylema

c.                    periaktoi