Oedipus Rex Quiz Exodos

  1. (68-69) Why does Sophocles choose to have the gory violence occur off stage? What is the effect of hearing the messenger's description of what he has seen rather than actually presenting it on stage?
  2. (68-69) How and why has Jocasta killed herself? Would Oedipus have killed her? Why?
  3. (68-69) Why doesn't Oedipus kill himself? Instead he blinds himself. Was that in the prophecy?
  4. (70) What is the theatrical impact of Oedipus' entrance? Is this the moment of catharsis?
  5. (71)  Which pain is worse, the physical or emotional?
  6. (72) Has Oedipus been destroyed? How is he already adjusting to being blind?
  7. (73) What does Oedipus mean when he describes his deeds as 'more primal than sin itself''?
  8. (74-5) What, according to Oedipus, could have avoided this tragedy?
  9. (77) Why does Oedipus ask Creon for exile? Why does he want to live?
  10. (77) Near the very end of the play, two new characters enter, Antigone and Ismene, Oedipus' daughters. What is the impact of seeing Oedipus' children for the first time? What kind of lives will these two have?
  11. (81) What is the Chorus' final verdict upon the action? The choragos call on all of us to never take good fortune for granted because what happened to Oedipus could happen to us. Is that Sophocles' final word as well?


E.C. With what did Oedipus  blind himself?