Google Presentation Guidelines

1. Give your presentation an effective title. (Slide #1)

2. Organize your presentation around one main idea. (A thesis!) State that main idea clearly and succinctly on your second slide. 

3. Shoot for brevity, specificity and clarity in your presentation. It should be no longer than five minutes in length.

4. Do not include too much information on any ONE slide. (General Rule: One slide should outline the information that you would present in one succinct essay paragraph. Each slide's topic should directly relate to your thesis.) 

Limit the number of words you put on a page:

  1. Avoid paragraphs
  2. Use bullet points
  3. Use succinct phrases instead of sentences
  4. Limit each slide to 6 bullet points
  5. Videotape yourself narrating your ideas and imbed that video in your presentation.

5. Include effective graphics (pictures, paintings, tables, etc.), effects (sound, video), and transitions which improve the presentation of your argument.
  • Do not include jazzy stuff (Clip Art, Bullet sounds) just for the sake of showing off your computer savvy. Mindless effects detract from the effectiveness of your argument.
Fancy is not always better! Keep it simple!
  1. Choose fonts that are easy to read.
  2. Choose color combinations that make your text easy to read.
  3. Limit your graphics to 1-3 per page. Too many graphics can be distracting.
  4. Slides are designed to supplement your presentation---not to BE your presentation.

6. Make sure that you document your argument with specific references to your text. Use MLA form to show where you found your information. (MLA)

7. Quote the text. Select a quote that is directly related to your argument: short, sweet and to the point. (MLA)

8. Make your conclusion clear. (Re-state your main idea.)

9. Include a Works Cited Page! (Last Slide) (MLA)

10. Proofread and spell check! Proofread and spell check! Proofread and spell check!

11. When you get up to present to the class, don't read your presentation. (We can read.) Instead speak extemporaneoulsy about your topic. That requires knowing your topic.

Powerpoint Presentation Guidelines (Crocker High School):