Brief Chronology



1642-49 Civil War
1649  the beheading of King Charles I
1649-52 Cromwell’s Irish and Scottish Campaigns
1651 Hobbes’ Leviathan Published.
1653-58  Cromwell’s Protectorate
1660  the Restoration,
1665  the Great Plague of London and
1666  the Great Fire of London 
1688  Glorious Revolution
1689  William and Mary lead constitutional monarchy.
1689 Locke publishes
Two Treatises of Government
1690 Locke publishes An Essay Concerning Human Understanding


1572 St. Bartholomew Massacre
1598 Henry IV’s  Edict of Nantes establishes Bourbon dynasty
1610-1643 Louis XIII
1624-42 Cardinal Richelieu Chief Minister
1643-1715 Louis XIV
1713 War of Spanish Succession
1740-48 War of the Austrian Succession
1756-63 Seven Years War
1775-83 American Revolutionary War
1774–1792 Louis XVI
1789 French Revolution