Candide, Chapters 4-7

Reading Comprehension Quiz

  1. How does Prof. Pangloss look when he is reunited with Candide?
  2. What terrible news does he bring to Candide?
  3. How does Pangloss justify the idea that syphilis is all for the best?
  4. How is Pangloss cured of syphilis? 
  5. What is Jacques the Anabaptistís explanation for the origin of evil?
  6. What natural event occurs when Candide and Pangloss arrive in Lisbon?
  7. How does Jacques the Anabaptist die? 
  8. What does the brutish sailor do after the catastrophe? 
  9. What is Panglossí scientific explanation for the the catastrophe?  
  10. Why does the inquisitor object to Panglossí explanation?  
  11. What is an auto-da-fe?
  12.  How does Prof Pangloss die?
  13. What happens the morning after the auto-da-fe?
  14. After having been kicked out of Paradise, beaten within an inch of his life in the army, after surviving an earthquake, and after having been tortured by the Spanish Inquisition, has Candide learned anything yet?
  15.  Is the old womanís kindness a mere plot device to keep the story going? 
  16.  It seems very hard to kill Pangloss and Cunegonde. What is Voltaireís point?

Extra Credit: 

  1. What is cochineal?
  2. What is a priori reasoning?