Candide, Chapters 8-12

Reading Comprehension Quiz

  1. How did Cunegonde survive her ordeal with the Bulgar soldiers?
  2. How did she wind up in Portugal?
  3. What compromise regarding Cunegonde was reached between the Inquisitor and Don Isaachar?
  4. What should we make of Voltaire's open anti-Semitism?
  5. Has Cunegonde learned anything from her adventures?
  6. What moral judgment should we attach to Candide's killing of Don Isaachar? Is it murder?
  7. How about the killing of the Inquisitor which follows almost immediately thereafter? Is that murder? 
  8. What is Candide's response when Cunegonde tells him that all of her jewelry has been stolen?
  9. On what mission is the Portuguese man of war sailing which takes Candide, Cunegonde and the Old Woman to the New World?
  10. What ability enables Candide to get hired as an officer?
  11. What does Candide hope that they will find in the New World? (Has he learned anything?)
  12. Does Cunegonde agree?
  13. Why does the Old Woman insist that she, not Cunegonde, has experienced the worst possible life?
  14. Who was the Old Woman's father?
  15. What happened to the Old Woman on her wedding day?
  16. What should we make of Voltaire's open racism?
  17. Who rescues the Old Woman from certain death when the Moorish tribes attack each other?
  18. What happens to her in Algiers after her rescuer sells her into slavery?
  19. What rationale led the Jannisaries to cut off the Old Woman's left buttock?
  20. Despite all her terrible ordeals, the Old Woman never commits suicide. Why?

Extra Credit: Translate the following into English:

'O che sciagura d'essere senza coglioni.'