Candide, Chapters 1-3,

Reading Comprehension Quiz

  1. Which characters play Adam, Eve, the Snake, and God in Voltaire's retelling of the Fall of Man?

  2. Where is Westphalia? Describe it. (Why does Voltaire set his Eden there, of all places?) 

  3. Why did Candide's mother reject marriage with his father?  

  4. How does Voltaire skewer the social pretensions of aristocrats like Baron Von Thunder-tronck?

  5. What, precisely,  is wrong with these ideas:  noses were made for spectacles, legs were made for breeches, and pigs were made to be eaten?

  6. How does Professor Pangloss justify seducing and deflowering the maid? 

  7. How does Candide get thrown out of the Baron's castle (ie Paradise)? 

  8. Why do the Bulgar recruiting officers think that Candide will make a great soldier?

  9. How is Candide turned into a soldier?

  10. How is Candide punished when he decides to exercise free will and walk out of the Bulgar camp and just keep walking?

  11. Who saves his life?

  12. What happens the day after the Bulgars massacre every man, woman, and child in the Abare town?

Extra Credit:

What is an Anabaptist?
What is a featherless biped possessing a soul?