European Civilization Carey
c.1800 & 1914

Resources and Websites for the Imperialism maps:

1) Use your Guns, Germs and Steel handout and look at the maps for a general overview. Specifically, refer to the map of 1914 Age of European Dominance and focus on the semi-colonial regions (this will be a little different from the information in the website links in #3).

2) There are a number of atlases in the reference section of the Fenimore Library both on the free-standing roll out podium and in the book stacks immediately adjacent to the reference area. Look for The Times’ Atlas of World History and similar titles. These are the most accessible and easiest maps to use.

3) It will also be helpful to use the following websites found in the Gilman Fenimore Library resource page (‘Online Databases’ and click on ‘History Study Center’ and the map link. This site is also a great resource for your Artifact paper research, ahem, A GREAT RESOURCE…. Here are the links:

These links are for ‘The World in AD 1783’ and ‘The World in AD 1914’ maps which you can easily navigate to using the site itself (i.e. no need to laboriously write down these links – I’ve listed it here only to assist you in case of trouble with the link).

4) Use your brains. You will probably have to cross-reference a couple of maps to get a complete picture. Take the time to look over the maps prior to doing the actual exercise and make sure that you are following the directions on the color-coding.