European Civilization Carey

Perry pgs. 279-290

I. Perry’s Introduction (pgs. 279-281)

Define the Renaissance and where did it start?

Why was individualism a ‘hallmark of the Renaissance”?

How was the Renaissance different from the Twelfth Century Awakening (i.e. Scholasticism)?

Describe the ‘Humanist movement’

How was the movement expressed in art

Why did the Renaissance start in Italy?

II. Readings from pages 281-288

Using specific evidence and quotes from the readings (pgs. 281-288) explain how Petrarch, Bruni, and Vergerius all exemplified the Renaissance spirit and outlook. Yes, you need a thesis for this short paragraph.

III. Pico della Mirandola pgs. 289-290

Using Mirandola’s excerpt and supporting your argument with evidence and quotes from his writings, how does Mirandola’s conception of man and his potential differ from St. Augustine and exemplify the rebirth of Classical learning? [Thesis statement is needed in this paragraph answer.]