European Civilization Sections 22 & 41 Carey

PART I: Sources of the Western Tradition, Perry pgs. 104-106, 120-125

Section A: Rome’s March to World Empire
Read Appian of Alexandria’s description of the Roman destruction of Carthage under the general Scipio Aemilianus, pages 104-106 and answer the following questions:

What is your reaction to Scipio’s meditations and reflections?

Section B: The Decline of the Republic
Read Section 5 of Perry, pages 120-125 and answer the following questions:

Define plebian

Define patrician

Why did the Roman senators and nobility feel so threatened by the actions of Tiberius Gracchus and Caesar? (Pgs 120-123)

Knowing who Cicero was, is he justified in his justification of Caesar’s assassination? Could he defend the senators’ actions against Tiberius Gracchus?

What are Sallust’s (86-35 B.C.) reflections on the Roman Republic’s collapse?

Characteristics of the virtuous early Republic –

Characteristics of the immorality of the present Republic –

Cause of Decline –

Larger connections:

Would Homer agree or disagree with Sallust’s argument?

What connections would Victor Hanson make when he read Sallust’s passage?

What are your reflections on Sallust?