Euro Civ                                                                                                                    12/06/04




Absolutism v Constitutionalism: Absolutism : Reading Guide

Duc de Saint-Simon


As you read this selection, mark with a pencil those passages in which Saint-Simon seems to be praising Louis with a (+), those that seem to be condemning him with a (-).


Bottom line, what does Saint-Simon think of his king?



Liselotte von der Pfalz


What effect did Louisí court seem to have on the French aristocracy?




Bishop Bossuet


According to Bossuet, why do kings have absolute power - in theory?




According to Bossuet, why should kings not abuse their power?




Is George W. Bush in any way an heir to divine right theory?




James I


What would Machiavelli think of Jamesí


a)         theory of kingship?




b)         relationship with Parliament?