Euro Civ 02/07/05

Industrial Revolution : Industrial Practices : Reading Guide

1. Read Perry’s Introduction 128-129.
After reading Perry
a) explain what the IR was

b) list the many consequences of the IR

2. Baines 129-131

Number right in your book the reasons why the Industrial Revolution could begin in England.

Alphabetically denote right in your book the advantages listed by Baines.

3. Smith 132-133

Summarize in one crafty sentence Smith’s explanation for why the division of labor is such a nifty arrangement.

4. Smiles 123-125

Are you personally a disciple of Smiles? Explain.

5. Dore 127

What did Dore think about the Industrial Revolution?

Do Gilman students ever feel like one of these guys?

6. Factory Rules (or Factories Rule?) (136-138)

Infer from these rules the most likely predilections of these workers who hadn’t worked in factories before.

Would you rather be a pre-industrial or industrial worker?

7. Sadler Commission’s Report on Child Labor (138-140)

Read this quickly.
How does this reading affect your faith in the doctrine of laissez faire?

8. Charles Dickens’ Hard Times (174-175)

Compare and contrast Dore’s & Dickens attitudes toward the IR.