Voltaire's Candide (1755)

Chapter 1: Candide's Expulsion from Westphalia (The Fall of Man) 
Chapter 2: The Recruiting Officers 
Chapter 3: The Seven Years War
Chapter 4: Pangloss with the Pox and Jaques the Anabaptist
Chapter 5: The Death of Jaques and The Lisbon Earthquake  
Chapter 6: The Inquisition’s Auto-da fe
Chapter 7: Reunion with Cunegonde
Chapter 8: Cunegonde's Story: Shared by the Inquisitor and the Jew
Chapter 9: Candide Commits Murder (Twice!)
Chapter 10: Bound for the New World
Chapter 11: The Old Woman's Adventures: The Wheel of Fortune
Chapter 12: The Old Woman's Adventures: The Plague, Slavery, Cannibalism, Suicide
Chapter 13: The New World: Buenos Aires
Chapter 14: The Jesuit Utopia
Chapter 15: Candide Kills his Brother-In-Law
Chapter 16: The Biglugs: Man in the State of Nature  
Chapter 17:  Eldorado

Chapter 18: The Government of Eldorado
Chapter 19: Surinam
Chapter 20: Martin the Manichean
Chapter 21: More of Martin’s Philosophy
Chapter 27: Constantinople Bound: the Galleys of the Turks
Chapter 28: The Adventures of Pangloss and the Baron
Chapter 29: Reunion with Cunegonde and the Old Woman
Chapter 30: The Conclusion