The Merchant of Venice

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on-line editions
Quarto (1600), Folio (1623) []

Folio (1623), University of Virginia []

Folio (1623), Furness. [|



Modernised Shakespeare: Shakespeare in modern English, by Walter Saunders [] (May 2002

Der Kaufmann von Venedig. Deutsche Übersetzung v. August Wilhelm von Schlegel [] (May 2002)

Il mercadante di Venezia. Shakespeare in Italian, transl. Goffredo Raponi: []

Il mercante di Venezia / The merchant of Venice. Italian Translation. (PDF-file) []

De Koopman van Venetië Dutch translation. by Jan Jonk. [] (March 2002)



Gesta Romanorum, (in Latin) []

Contarini, Gasparo, 1483-1542. The commonwealth and gouernment of Venice. London: Imprinted by Iohn Windet for Edmund Mattes, and are to be sold at his shop, at the signe of the Hand and Plow in Fleetstreet, 1599. Furness Library Facsimile []

Christopher Marlowe : The Complete Works [] (last visit: 09/03/99)

Mosse, Miles, 1580-1614. The arraignment and conuiction of vsurie: that is, the iniquitie and vnlawfulnes of vsurie, displayed in sixe sermons, preached at Saint Edmunds Burie in Suffolke, vpon Prouerb. 28.8 . London, 1595. Furness Library Facsimile [] (Sept. 2001)

Smith, Henry, (1550?-1591). The examination of usury. A sermon preached in the city of London. Furness Library Facsimile [] (Sept. 2001)

Le Sylvain (1535-ca. 1585). [Selections: Front matter; Of a Jew, who would for his debt haue a pound of the flesh of a Christian].The orator: handling a hundred seuerall discourses. London, 1596. Furness Library Facsimile [] (Sept. 2001)

Arnold, John. The Jews in Medieval Society []

Smith, Goldwin. The Vexing 'Jewish Question' (A Nineteenth-Century Scholar's View) []

Stirling, Grant, The History of the Jews in England []

not available:
Il Pecorone, Ser Giovanni Fiorentino, 1558
The Three Ladies of London, R. W., 1584
Zelauto or The Fountaine of Fame, Anthony Munday, 1580

Il Novellino, Masuccio, trans. W. G. Waters, 1895
Gesta Romanorum, transl. Sir F. Madden, 1838


productions, performances

a) stage history

b) actors, pictures of performances

The Cleveland Press Shakespeare Photographs by Lesley Ellen Jorbin. Free searchable database for pictures of performances: photographs from the plays of Shakespeare on stage, screen, TV, opera and ballet. []

c) reviews of productions


film versions

Internet Movie Database [,+William]
Shakespeare on Television: a bibliography of criticism []
Maori Merchant of Venice, The (New Zealand, 2002) (play) dir. Don Selwyn. aka Tangata Whai Rawa o Weniti, Te (2002) (New Zealand: Maori title) Writing credits Pei Te Hurinui Jones [] (Dec. 2001) preview [] (Febr. 2002)
The Merchant of Venice, dir. Trevor Nunn. (UK, 2001) (TV, BNC Production) Henry Goodman as Shylock. [] (Dec. 2001)
Shylock. dir. Pierre Lasry. (documentary, Canada 1999) (1999) Orson Welles, Werner Krauss, Warren Mitchell, Harry Baur, Ron Leibman, David Berner, Christopher Gaze, Laurence Olivier, Bernard Mendelovitch, Dustin Hoffman [] (Dec. 2001)
The Merchant of Venice, (1996) (TV) dir. Benny Pest. []
Der Kaufmann von Venedig, (Germany 1990) (TV) dir. Peter Zadek []
The Merchant of Venice, (1980) (BBC, TV) dir. Jack Gold []
The Merchant of Venice, (Canada, 1976) (TV) dir. John Sichel [[
The Merchant of Venice, (UK, 1973) (TV) dir. Jonathan Miller []
The Merchant of Venice, (UK, 1972) (TV) dir. Cedric Messina []
Der Kaufmann von Venedig, (Austria, 1968) (TV) dir. Otto Schenk []
The Merchant of Venice, (UK, 1955) (TV) dir. Hal Burton []
Le Marchand de Venise, (France/Italy 1952) dir. Pierre Billon []
The Merchant of Venice, (UK, 1947) (TV) dir. George More O'Ferrall []
Der Kaufmann von Venedig, (Germany, silent 1923) dir. Peter Paul Felner []
Tense Moments from Great Plays (UK, silent 1922) Shylock: Ivan Berlyn []
The Merchant of Venice, (UK, silent 1916) dir. Walter West []
The Merchant of Venice, (USA, silent 1914) dir. Phillips Smalley, Lois Weber []
The Merchant of Venice, (USA, silent 1912) dir. Barry O'Neil []
Il Mercante di Venezia, (Italy, silent 1910) dir. Gerolamo Lo Savio []
The Merchant of Venice, (1908) (USA, silent 1908) dir. J. Stuart Blackton []


adaptations in literature


adaptations in music


paintings, engravings, pictures




in the classroom


deutsche Webseiten

Gröchel, André. Das kleine Shakespeare-Brevier: Der Kaufmann von Venedig Inhalt, Wurzeln, Quellen. [Falls dieser Link nicht klappt: [*/]