Missouri ex. rel. Gaines v. Canada (1938)

- Lloyd Gaines sought entry to a University of Missouri Law School because Lincoln University, the state supported black college in Misouri, did not have a law school. The state instructed Gaines to apply to an out of state law school and offered to pay his tuition, over and above Lincolnís tuition.
- Missouri ruled against Gaines.
- The Supreme Court heard the case in 1938. 
- Charles Houston did not challenge Plessy, but he insisted that the Court enforce the principle of equality and offer Negroes a black law school as good as the white one.
- Hughes opinion: 
o Court found for Gaines:
o A huge milestone: the same principle could apply to colored high school students deprived of equal facilities, like those in Baltimore County (and then why not to teacherís salaries, length of school term, bus transportation, parks, libraries, hospitals.)