Poverty and Literature 2018

Urban Injustice

Reading Guide

Introduction (1-4)

What is Hilfiker’s main idea here? (1)

What do you think of his credentials? (2)

Define what Hilfiker means by "the surround". (3)

Why did Hilfiker's political stance change over the years? (3)

Overall Question: Despite the fact that segregation has existed throughout American history, the truly abysmal 'modern ghetto' emerged only during the last fifty years. Why? What happened?

Chapter One: "On Building the Ghetto": A History (5-13)

How did the modern ghetto come into being?
What were the “effects” of the following “causes”?

Chapter Two: "Pillaging the Ghetto" (14-28)

In what ways do African-Americans face discrimination in the job market? (14)

Understand the “index of dissimilarity". (15)

What were the “effects” of the following “causes”?


(Note urban poverty health issues)