Urban Studies
Spring 2006

The Promised Land: Chicago (59-107)

Come back and write these sentences after completing the reading and the study guide:

Lemannís Thesis: (Look at your sentence from chapter one. Should it be revised?)

Lemannís Overall Point in this Chapter:

Key Questions:

1. What is Lemannís purpose/point in each of the following parts of this chapter?
2. How does his selection of anecdotes about the folk from Clarksdale who moved to Chicago support his thesis?
3. According to Lemann, how did the public housing debacle in Chicago develop?
4. What would Hilfiker and Kozol think? How about Crane?

1. Ulessí early years in Chicago: (61-67)

2. Rubyís pre Luther story: (67-70)


3. Chicago black demographics and public housing: (70-74)


4. Congressman William Dawsonís Career (74-77)


5. Ulessí Ministry (77-79)


6. Ruby and Lawndale (79-84)


7. Lillian and Connie Henry (84-89)


8. Richard Daleyís machine 1955-63 (89-95)


9. The Woodlawn Organization (97-103)


10. Ruby and the Robert Taylor Homes (103-107)