Urban Literature
Spring 2007

Orientation Questions for our work at William Paca Elementary School:

The nineteen of us will be in twelve of your classes from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. over the next six weeks.


Thursday, February 1 Orientation with Teachers at 12:20 PM
1. Monday, February 5
2. Wednesday, February 7
3. Friday, February 9
4. Tuesday, February 13
5. Thursday, February 15
6. Wednesday, February 21
7. Friday, February 23
8. Tuesday, February 27
9. Thursday, March 1
10. Monday, March 5
11. Wednesday, March 7
12. Friday, March 9

We understand that you will be preparing your students for the upcoming MSA tests on reading, writing, and math skills.

How will you be helping your students get ready for the test?

At what level are your students working?

Do you have any copies of lesson plans that we can look at so that we can get an idea of the type of activities you will be leading?

How can we be put to the best use in your classrooms?

Will we be working with groups of students or one-on-one?

How many students do you have in each class?

What kinds of homework assignments do you give your students?

Do your students do homework at William Paca? When? Can we help then as well?

What are the attendance rates for your students?

Do you have new students in your classes?

Is there anything else we should be prepared for when we visit your classroom?