Proofread for careless errors. Related Issues:

Many of the kinds of errors which appear in your compositions can be easily corrected if you take the time to proofread your text carefully. Not only will you find and correct simple keyboarding mistakes, but if you read your text out loud, you will discover awkward sentences that need a bit of tweaking in order to convey your idea in the clearest manner possible.

Proofreading/Editing (Darling et al)
Proofreading Symbols (Darling et al)

Proofreading Your Writing (Purdue)
Finding Common Errors (Purdue)
Suggestions for Proofreading Your Paper (Purdue)
Revising for Cohesion (Purdue)
Steps for Revising Your Paper (Purdue)

Proofreading for Commas (Purdue)
Proofreading Your Paper (Purdue)
Proofreading Strategies (Purdue)

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