Uses of A Writing Teacher's Comment Pallet
   A series of a student documents created over a period of time could be submitted for computer analysis that provides an assessment of the student's progress towards individual writing goals. The particular standards used to assess student writing ability on important tests like the SAT II could be used to help project the student's performance on that test and structure their preparation for it. Exercises could be created to provide the student with an individualized sequence of study that would prepare the student for the test. Many of these exercises could be automated through a program using computerized lesson plans to help the student develop targeted skills. These exercises could be made available either on the internet or on a CD-ROM.
   The computer could analyze a set of essays produced by a given class and help the teacher determine which writing exercises would best benefit the most students at that particular time in the school year. Since a hypertext exercise book, linked to our punctuation rules and composition handbooks, would also serve individual student needs, the teacher can devise lessons that slide between group activities and individual exercises which make the most efficient use of class time.
   The computer could analyze a complete grade level and determine patterns of achievement for the grade as a whole. This assessment would give administrators and department heads the ability to check how the students as a whole were progressing towards established writing objectives.
   These statistics could be compared with performance evaluations of larger groups of students in a given age group or region. This functionality could supply useful information comparing performance in a variety of demographic groups. These studies might be more useful than other tests of intelligence because they directly measure the ability of the student to write clearly and effectively, a primary educational goal.

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