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Welcome to Gilman School’s 10th grade European Humanities Website, a site designed to accompany the entire interdisciplinary 10th grade course.  Organized by historical time periods, this site covers primary artifacts, secondary sources and lesson plans in European history, art, literature and music. Take the time to navigate this site to orient yourself towards how to use this website and the resources it offers, but once you are accustomed to this site, use the links to go directly to the main index page or specific historical period(s).  

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The Edward R. Fenimore Jr. Memorial Library

It is vitally important to access both print and electronic resources prior to and during any project or paper, and  the Edward R. Fenimore Jr. Memorial Library (Upper School) is a mainstay of our program for both print and electronic research/resource tools.

Edward R. Fenimore Jr. Memorial Library


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As you begin the Humanities Essay project, this website will be your main internet portal for primary and secondary sources, easy cross-referencing of material and/or research information, and a touchstone for reviewing the key aspects of our interdisciplinary approach





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